World of Twinkcraft 1: A 19’s Montage [HD]

THUMB UP TO SUPPORT ZENON! ==================================== World of Twinkcraft1 – Contains some fun duels I had since MoP was released. Some amazing survival from my 19 twink shaman, Rvrstar. What you will see in World of Twinkcraft 1: 1. Twinking (19) (Duels against lvl 35+ char(s), Battlegrounds, etc) Want to play with me? send a PM to: w/ your [US] Real ID and I will get you in! *For those who wonder, I play on Bleeding Hollow (US). If you enjoyed this video please be sure to Like it and Subscribe if you haven’t already. If you didn’t enjoy it, tell me why in the comments! Any Comments, Suggestions, or Questions, send me a PM. I get back to it 100% of the time. Thanks, Xenon Important Information: If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers. I upload lots of WoW Montages, Commentaries, Guides for my Feral Druid and my 19 Twinks. So yeah, subscribe to me broskies! ==================================== Credits: ★Youtube channel: ★Twitter: ★Facebook: ★Livestream: Coming Soon! ★Click this link: Twinkinfo introduction brought to you by: Music: 1) Coming Soon! ===================================

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5 Responses to “World of Twinkcraft 1: A 19’s Montage [HD]”

  1. Justin ty says:

    Dude plz make a rogue pvp tip video like iwth gameplay obviously i realy want gameplay startgies.

  2. Liam Moravec says:

    what is the addon that puts your characters name plate and target down in the middle?

  3. IAmSepsus says:

    Never mind, I’ve decided to quit Wow for good…. or at least until they realize they have ruin’d it and make a TBC reversion expansion to fix it all:) anyway i enjoyed the time i spent watching you, you have a good future in wow and youtube:) cya Brah!!!

  4. ShadowDeltaSF says:

    is this old? how were you facing lvl 15-19 and not only 19 twinks? great editing btw.

  5. XpertAssassin13 says:

    Nice editing skills dude! Also i love how unbalanced low level stuff is xD one healing surge is like half health 😛

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