World of Warcraft 1080p HD Quality Test Rogue Mutilate PTR 7k DPS Patch 3.3

Recorded at 1920×1200 @ 30fps. All WoW settings were on Ultra except shadows on High and 24bit-8x AA. Best viewed at 1920×1080+ resolutions. I cut off some pixels at the top and bottom and rendered @ 1920×1072 (NOT 1920×1080), when you render the height at 1080 quality for some reason takes a massive hit (most likely because x264 doesn’t like numbers that aren’t divisible by 16). Since YouTube thinks its a good idea not to support 1200p (16:10 resolutions such as 1920×1200) this is the best I could do. As a result the video is stretched a bit but the quality is insanely high. Video was run through Sony Vegas 9.1 pro at a 100% Quality VBR WMV file then run through a x264 utility to trim size @ 12000kb/s. Audio is AAC @ 96kb/s 48KHz 16-bit Stereo. I’ll be recording every fight in Icecrown like the above video. I am in the guild Vigil. Videos will be embedded on the front page a day or two after a boss kill. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft 1080p HD Quality Test Rogue Mutilate PTR 7k DPS Patch 3.3”

  1. SpiffyCOD says:

    What are your system specs? Im using fraps with an ati radeon 6850 and an i5 2.6 ghz and im getting lag.

  2. thebanyek007 says:

    Ebből is látszik hogy még kis szaros gyerek vagy, maximum 9 éves és életképtelen :):)

  3. ManicTheManic says:

    what software was used to record this?

  4. Stadtfalker says:

    Schöne bilder…..allerdings sehr fehlerhaft gespielt.

    …aber da gehts ja wohl weniger drum.

  5. SmileyDude909 says:

    I expect it was Fraps :)

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