World Of Warcraft 5.0.4 Guild Reputation Glitch/Bug (PATCHED)

Hey guys , this is just a simple tutorial on how to get your easy exalted status with the guild , a title along the way , 4 pets and 1 mount. ( + alot of looms!) It has never been easier! Thanks for watching and I hope you will get your rep fast! A fishing level of around 200 is required.

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10 Responses to “World Of Warcraft 5.0.4 Guild Reputation Glitch/Bug (PATCHED)”

  1. HeraldofBritain says:

    I got my guild to level 23, but then they fixed it! But i know a few people that got level 25 guilds all by themselves!

  2. mythbuster bust says:


  3. Carie Halford says:

    Wow thank you!

  4. Kalleplato says:

    thanks man!

  5. evoflash126 says:

    When does he come out?

  6. xIcyFire says:

    My Pleasure , spread the word before its fixed!

  7. TheDeathflows says:

    this shit got patched already thanks ass holes

  8. Towner5920 says:

    Wow iberdy can you teach me how to be a rank1 gadiator mage aswell! Your so good and definately not shit!

  9. xIcyFire says:

    I Set the title to (PATCHED) :(

  10. GurkTegel says:

    where do you get it if you are ally?

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