World of Warcraft 8 Year Anniversary by Sacredheals

I decided to attempt to create my own 8th year anniversary video for World of Warcraft. How did I do? Thumbs up if you enjoyed this vid! Blizzard’s video: Music and Video all are from World of Warcraft: “Legends of Azeroth” “Silvermoon City” “Howling Fjord” “Goblins Lost Isles Rescue” “Why Do We Fight” all used in that order. For more World of Warcraft videos, Blizzard news and scenic WoW tours, please visit my channel:

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft 8 Year Anniversary by Sacredheals”

  1. mmanolov says:

    Looks very deserted. More like areas overview. I am one of the dislikes. Sorry.

  2. steelgoulm says:

    pretty dope video

  3. Evilvoice410 says:

    this looks amazing man !

  4. MrBatmansmells says:


  5. Kiisu101 says:

    *sees the end of the video* so that’s what a server with people on it looks like. . .

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