World of Warcraft – 8 Year Anniversary Video Commentary

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft – 8 Year Anniversary Video Commentary”

  1. priffess says:

    I played Wow for 6 years or something. but i stopped playing because the game is boring to me now. I mean i bought mist of pandaria. And played but all the quests felt the same for some reason. It was always kill this and get me that or use this to summon this and then kill it. I Got bored. But I have very many good Wow memories :)

  2. WhitWolfOkami says:

    I still play because of drunk Friday night raid time white my friends

  3. ahri skarner says:

    Started gaming WoW about 6 years ago… i loved being lvl 70 with pvp gear it was amazing :) but when level 80 patch came, it just ruined it..

  4. Ps1ClassicGameplay says:

    i started wow as 9-10 year old cant remember well but anyway i started at the end of vanilla whit my brother i had lots of fun playing it whit my night elf druid but i stopped when cataclysm came out i just didnt like it i played like 15 hours max of cataclysm and stopped and havent played ever since oh btw my played time was 30 days and 26 hours

  5. SnapLoLisHot says:

    I stopped playing because, this may sound weird, Burning Crusade was way too awesome!!! Wotlk was such a dissapointment for me thus I stopped playing it.

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