World of Warcraft – BM Hunter guide Patch 5.0.4

My opinions on the patch, how i play BM hunter, my stats and talents and much more! My WIN button (1 shot macro i use): /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Intimidation /cast Kill Command /cast Rapid Fire /cast Spirit Beast Blessing(Special Ability) /use Ruthless Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest /cast Roar of Courage /cast Rabid(Ferocity Ability) /cast Blood Fury

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20 Responses to “World of Warcraft – BM Hunter guide Patch 5.0.4”

  1. iDreamzz1337 says:

    the easiest place to find a noisy dinosaur is the Un’goro crater, just trap and tame! easy!

  2. iDreamzz1337 says:

    ah ha! see, a smart, helpful gamer would have had done that automatically haha :) sure i’ll put it in the description now! Thanks dude! subscribe if ur feeling extra snarky <3

  3. iDreamzz1337 says:

    It might be your reforging, i reforge everything into Mastery and Crit, my stat priority is Hit > mastery > crit
    Using a spider can be why ur crits aren’t very good, try to get urself a Cat or even a spirit beast (preferably) or any kind of Exotic pet. Also, seen as our talents got reset our pets Specialisation has been reset too, so make sure your spider is Ferocity. If you want i can make a video explaining my hunter in more depth, including stat priority gems and pets? Subscribe if you want:)

  4. iDreamzz1337 says:

    i win alot of BG’s but i also lose alot of BG’s haha! my battlegroup is very special haha i defiantly recommend getting a devilsaur, they make alot of noise though so be prepared to rip ur hair out because of being deafened! 😀

  5. iDreamzz1337 says:

    Oh jew! u sausage!

  6. JewPlaysAGame says:

    That is alot of stuff I dont give a shit about….

  7. iDreamzz1337 says:

    Oh jesus! u must be decked out in gear! haha 😀 Any spirit beast will do, they all do the same things haha I got mine from Scholazar Basin (i think its called, in Nothrend). Its called Loque-Nahak. it took me months to find it though! My first spirit beast was Ghostcrawler, a spirit crab found in the Abyssal Depths, its quite an easy one to find! Thanks for the feedback man, its nice to know not everyone on youtube are trolls hehe i will link a pet site, so u can find ur favourite spirit beast!

  8. iDreamzz1337 says:

    IKR!! :O i wish i had a my little pony game :3

  9. Sh1zn3t says:

    I see!:) Hahahah, yeah I heard about that “stomp” sound of theirs^^ I dont play with sound though so it wont be a problem:D

  10. Monstah7 says:

    hey man any chance of throwing that W.I.N macro in the description box? been makin’ my own BOOM macro but finding some cast fail from time to time ={ all good stuff here and threw ya a like..

  11. Sh1zn3t says:

    Thanks alot, friend 😀

  12. JewPlaysAGame says:

    Minecraft is so mainstream gggaaawwwdddd. You should do something original like my little pony….

  13. iDreamzz1337 says:

    haha nice! alot of grinding then? haha! if you want a change from a wolf, there is an exotic pet called a Devilsaur, this gives the 5% crit boost too and does a bite which reduces healing. Consider taming yourself one of these! Devilsaurs are often found in the Un’goro crater! Thanks alot bro! <3

  14. Sh1zn3t says:

    Hey man. Quick question. Im better geared than you and Im using your macro, I dont however get those crits your pet is getting with lynx rush:/ I got a spider, does that have anything to say? I get like from 8-14k on my pet but it doesnt crit as often as yours

  15. iDreamzz1337 says:

    type in google, Petopia and you will find the website, i cannot link it as Youtube wont let me :(

  16. Sh1zn3t says:

    Yeah, theres been alot of grinding, haha. Been taking a while. Havent had much of luck with the BG’s after the patch. We’ve lost quite a big amount of the games played:p But its getting better:) Devilsaurs, Iv heard rumours of those beauties! Might get me one of those aswell:D

  17. Sh1zn3t says:

    Haha, yeah Im full cata except for one trinket:) I think I might stay with the wolf for now. The burst is sick and I get a nice crit buff once Furious Howl is popped. Ill subscribe to you man, I loved this! Again, thank you so much for everything:)

  18. Sh1zn3t says:

    Iv got 40% mastery and 27% crit. But I threw my wolf out there instead and that did some major changes:D Ill get a cat though because I want Roar of Courage to get that sick mastery buff. That will probably help alot too! Where did you get your cat from? Awesome video by the way, you gave me so much man! Much appreciated!

  19. JewPlaysAGame says:

    WRONG! Jurassic park is the easiest place to find a dinosaur. Silly noob

  20. iDreamzz1337 says:

    baahhh screw you jacob! :< atleast throw us a like?? :o My first episode of my Minecraft Lets Play is out soon!! make sure u watch it!! 😀

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