World of Warcraft: Frost Bomb Bug. PLEASE HOTFIX Please comment on this forum post so Blizzard takes notice of this ridiculously stupid bug. THIS ALSO HAPPENS IN BATTLEGROUNDS AND ARENA.

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft: Frost Bomb Bug. PLEASE HOTFIX”

  1. Slothen3 says:

    Good video. There’s another bug too, when a mage hits themselves with frostbomb they get effected by pvp power but the damage is not mitigated by resilience or the 40% pvp damage reduction.

  2. lordjar says:

    You have the worst voice ever.

  3. RIGUY75 says:

    I found this in the beta and no one decided to do anything about it. He popped CDs and I reflected the frost bomb and it took out 2/3 of his hp. And then he was healed back up to full.

  4. JossuGaming says:

    How do you get that you see your enemy health as % ?

  5. madbeast15 says:

    Joke Blizzard buffed mages. Sux tho bro

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