World of Warcraft – Illidan and the Black Temple – Motion Background

I made this for my best friend who is about to graduate from college for him to use as his desktop wallpaper. The original painting is by Wei Wang (he’s awesome!), and I added in some motion graphics to spice it up and give it some life. – You will need to have Dreamscene enabled in order for this to work on your Windows computer. Something like this will work: – You can download the original WMV on my website: *******NOTE******* If your text disappears or looks dark after using DreamScene, you can fix it by following these steps: The fix for the icon text is this. (Windows 7, dunno about others) 1.)Click on the Start Menu, then right click “Computer” 2.)Select properties 3.)On the left hand side select “Advanced System Settings” 4.)Under “Performance”, click the settings button 5.)Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list that pops up 6.)Uncheck the box labeled “Use drop shadows for icons on your desktop” 7.)Apply and close, and your text works perfectly again For more cool art and neat stuff, feel free to check out my DeviantArt at:

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft – Illidan and the Black Temple – Motion Background”

  1. Daniel Fiedler says:

    good work :)

  2. tutorializeme says:

    Have you tried reloading the video after you apply the fix to the text?

  3. Cheese Burger says:

    Really great currently using it…however i have a problem with the text going dark and if i try the fix it just disappears completely :(

  4. Rselminiser says:


  5. SirSpoon84 says:

    i want! make more!!!

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