World of warcraft loot card christmas giveaway

a overview of the loot cards that are being given away and the links to enter when they become active. im giong to try to get the winners their codes on christmass day. the links to the giveaways SANDBOX TIGER PAINT BOMB 1 SLASHDANCE LANDROS LITCHLING

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5 Responses to “World of warcraft loot card christmas giveaway”

  1. ArgentDawn55 says:

    one of the paintbombs is on norwayguy100gaming and im putting links in the desciption for each loot code when they become active right now the sandbox tiger is active and im uploading the slashdance giveaway

  2. RicksterBar says:

    wait wait wait… do we comment here or on norwayguy10 to win Argent? if here then… RaNdOm cOmMeNt xD

  3. ArgentDawn55 says:

    i forgot to put this one in the slashdance loot code is won by random comments also when i make the link available

  4. RicksterBar says:

    k thanks and so we can comment as many times to win here and Norway channel Argent?

  5. NorwayGuy100Gaming says:

    I am NorwayGuy100Gaming, yes, on my channel :) I will upload a video within a few hours, so go subscribe.

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