World of Warcraft -Megasio BM Hunter: 500 SUBS =) Thanks everyone

500 Subs… Thanks guys… Going to start making Hpally Videos soon Working on getting him to 90. Still going to be doing Hunter video till then.. Didn’t Know Bullofdeath is the guy that ganks Swifty Happy to have him in my video 😉 Music: Melcolm Zeger: Maklibek: I have permission t use all music in this video

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft -Megasio BM Hunter: 500 SUBS =) Thanks everyone”

  1. xellus174 says:

    LOL bullofdeath XD

  2. HawkfighterHunterWoW says:

    Gratz Megasio 😀 :)

  3. TheBoomeyKind says:

    Great Vid man

  4. Meganuts100 says:

    Do you mean the clip in EOS? Because if so that was a Rogue and Warrior. I didn’t have a Healer healing me all the heals were from my own abilities..I have 4 healing abilities. There on my action bar on the right side of my map.

  5. twigagawizard says:

    grats! nice video :3 loved when that guy jumped off and you were like wtf?

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