World of Warcraft PvP Survey – Community lets ROCK!

Survey link: WoW Forums: MMO Champion: Music By Dansoneats: Return To Glory

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft PvP Survey – Community lets ROCK!”

  1. bassfu says:

    I’d love to see some SWTOR videos if you’ve gone back to playing that.

  2. lasseands says:

    This is agreat idea! I admire youre dedication to make pvp better Reinhart its great to se some top player that doesnt just sit and moan on the forums ant shit but accually comes up witth this, great survey btw! Will deff pass this around to all i know and post it everywhere:)! Keep it up! I’d hate to see you leave wow

  3. unholyfarter says:

    I think its embarrasing that the devs care so little about pvp that Reinheart has to pretty much hold their hands to tell them wuts wrong. Awsome job on this vid though keep it up, I took the survey.

  4. Molten Tank says:

    Play Destruction / Frost

  5. DumpsterDolphin says:

    i think pvp is shit nowadays :<

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