World of Warcraft – Shadow Priest PvP Epic Warsong Gulch Battle

This was a round of Warsong Gulch I played recently that was a huge back and forth battle. It was really exciting to play and hopefully it’s exciting for you to watch. Royalty Free Music by

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft – Shadow Priest PvP Epic Warsong Gulch Battle”

  1. SinnfullDuck says:

    Yea I know, but that makes it really limited in what it can do and not very good overall in bg’s.

  2. SinnfullDuck says:

    That’s true, I’ve seen that as well. I think I’ll just stick with my normal build for now.

  3. bullz72 says:

    Spectral guise seems a little weak now

  4. oboynarkomanen says:

    great video as always, Nice comeback there at the end :) i often use my SG as an opener, sneak in and land a full fear is super nice! :) also, it does not work as vanish, make sure you have no dots on you when using it and it should be fine :) have a good one! :)

  5. industrialist22 says:

    The attacks that break spectral guise have to be made against the copy of you that you leave behind, so dot ticks on you won’t break it. What happens is that melee see through the stealth immediately, since you’re standing right in front of them.

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