World of Warcraft Tol Barad Warrior PvP

I’m not good with editing so don’t go too harsh on me :)

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4 Responses to “World of Warcraft Tol Barad Warrior PvP”

  1. TheTasmania32 says:

    u know a warrior sucks when they are human with an axe….

  2. TViPx says:

    It could be the same reason why I don’t pick Gnomes, CAUSE THEY FUCKING SUCK.
    If he prefers the axe don’t say he sucks, its his preference, not yours.

    Swifty uses an axe too, does he suck? Don’t think so.

  3. zeexuu says:

    Enraged Regeneration is there, but you cannot see it because I have it in my healing macro :)

  4. TViPx says:

    I see no enraged regeneration on your bar? ;[

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