World of Warcraft – Warsong Flag Exploit 3.2.0 – 2 player

world of warcraft warsong flag exploit you need 2 players

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5 Responses to “World of Warcraft – Warsong Flag Exploit 3.2.0 – 2 player”

  1. TheNikolir says:

    like people cant kill em or blink or death grip em Also nice privete server

  2. iphone3gsvidz says:

    russians.. lol

  3. Elbanjomon says:

    lawl – that sounds like german

  4. iphone3gsvidz says:

    death grip is not possible, melees cant kill you there.
    private server? no, its on official blizzard live server

  5. ines1337 says:

    lolman! wie übel geil is das denn!!!!

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