WoW 5.0.4 Combat Rogue PVP (Mini Montage/Class Discussion)

Combat is… okay. I need to flesh out my mindset a little more, but I’m actually able to kill stuff this time around! That’s an improvement… right? If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends! Currently the only way I’m getting views is by the awesomeness of my wonderful viewers introducing their buddehs to my channel. I upload lots of WoW montages, commentaries, guides, and other random stuff. So yeah, subscribe! My armory:

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20 Responses to “WoW 5.0.4 Combat Rogue PVP (Mini Montage/Class Discussion)”

  1. Phymatic says:

    And omg my name in the shoutout :D <333333333

  2. KajeezyTV says:

    The DS dagger gets that buff only because Combat was actually meant to be played with a slow MH (aka a sword). If you don’t have access to the DS daggers/don’t feel like paying 10k, a 2.40 sword will work fine 😀
    Thanks so much for watching and contributing!

  3. sabbalo says:

    That’s awesome! Feel free to just post 20 min vid of a bg with live commentary, I just want to see more of you :p

  4. sabbalo says:

    first video ive seen of you… i subbed within like 15 secs ^^

  5. TophurISgod says:

    Subbed (: love the vid

  6. KajeezyTV says:

    Rogues in general are very glass canon-y right now, but I notice this a lot more with Combat. With a spec like Sub or (according to my friend) Assassination you don’t notice it as much. Combat is very CD dependent, and has a very fast paced feel to it that took me a while to get the hang of.

    I’m actually uploading a Rogue vs DK tutorial in the next hour or so that should help a little with general Combat problems. I think some of the stuff I go over can be applied to other classes, too.

  7. blank1er72 says:

    Nice job … I’ve had a real hard time with patch !!! I’ve played combat for PVE. Playing sub now I’m finding tar we need rogue use slice and dice more. Well keep the vids simple is easier rogue learn

  8. Phymatic says:

    You’re amazing <3

    Your editing is always improving man!

  9. KajeezyTV says:

    Will do! 😀 I kept it up all throughout the end of Cata, around a time when other Youtubers were losing motivation. I have no doubt I’ll be able to keep up now that everything is exciting again. xD

  10. KajeezyTV says:

    Thank you so much 😀 I’m going to keep putting videos out, hopefully one per day up until MoP releases!

  11. MrMooFlower says:

    @KajeezyTV I’m going to do a test on it later. My rogue has 113k and I duel, a lot, and I lose quite a bit as of my health and I criticize combat spec. Cause I usually win in assassination. But I think I just need more gear.

  12. dirtyhoes420 says:

    classy way to start a vid i hate when that happens…

  13. KajeezyTV says:

    Thanks so much! There’s definitely more to come 😀

  14. MrMooFlower says:

    @KajeezyTV I think I’m sticking with assassination then. Cause I save my cool downs rather than use them. I always have. I’m weird like that and I will like forget. ._.

  15. KajeezyTV says:

    Thanks so much for the sub! 😀 Strangely enough, according to the tooltip and the energy stat, SND actually DOESN’T restore energy in Combat. I know there’s got to be something I’m overlooking, but I noticed earlier that it worked in Sub but not Combat.

  16. RsBloodRs says:

    @MrMooFlower Energetic Recovery no longer requires Recuperate because SnD took its spot. So yes, use SnD for the energy restore.

  17. TouchMydangerzone says:

    Still best rogue ever

  18. WorldofReidCraft says:

    WHat’s up!!!

  19. ipwnyoudiehaha says:

    Combat it is!! FFFUUU SUB!!!

  20. IxamusMC says:

    Personally i don’t care what type of video you make Kejy. I enjoy every single video bro.

    Just keep your work up. 😛

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