WoW 5.0.5 MoP ✔ Let’s Try Some Prot Warrior PvP

Music- Allods Online – Dead Sea Theme Just three basic clips – Today during my GLotus dailies (After zoning in after a BG, thus flagged) a Shadow Priest decided to try his luck twice. After that shows another very basic clip of me hitting on a Hunter and Warrior who tried to slow me down midfield in WSG. Prot in PvP is fun and despite not being a killing machine serves so well at whittling people down over time and fulfilling objectives, beit flag carrying or defending flags in the likes of AB. All that mitigation also means Second Wind will make you survive through so much garbage and also makes you excrutiatingly hard to kill without tremendous burst or ‘execute’ abilities (Warriors, Shadow Priests etc have the advantage there). If I make a proper PvP movie in the future it will most likely contain some Prot PvP and maybe some Arms. Meanwhile my ShadowPriest is 88 and rising – Once 90 she may very well feature in some of her own PvP movies.

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10 Responses to “WoW 5.0.5 MoP ✔ Let’s Try Some Prot Warrior PvP”

  1. myron558 says:

    rope what are your computer specs

  2. ocanica says:

    Really good video. thx

  3. RopeDrink says:

    Very high, thats about all I can say without having to type out all the details from the My Computer summary – More than capable of running WoW on absolute Max without losing FPS, goes for all recent games I’ve played. Why do you ask?

  4. RopeDrink says:

    Enjoying it though there are some glaring balance issues with PvP at the moment. Unlike Cata, MoP takes a while to level those mere 5 levels and there’s quite a bit to do when you get to 90. Enjoying PvP as a Prot war just because I’m one of very few who play it, just helped a friend get his conquest cap in arena playing 6 matches of Prot/Rogue, won all of them ironically even though the setup seems pretty silly, was fun.

  5. August Breitholtz says:

    How are you liking MoP thus far?
    I quit about 1 year ago and I’m thinking of coming back, at least for a month to test out the PvP and arena. Don’t know if it’s worth about 50€ though…

  6. August Breitholtz says:

    Oh, thanks for the response.
    Playing with a friends is usually a lot more fun as well!
    I might consider getting it when I can afford it.

  7. Akraix18 says:

    YES. Thank you for using this music. I have this on several playlists, lol.

  8. RopeDrink says:

    It’s one of my faves and it matches the length of the movie so had to be used ^^

  9. Boxkar24 says:

    Good stuff ! Rope mate that UI is incredible mind sharing?

  10. RopeDrink says:

    RothUI, tweaked to my liking ^^

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