WoW Co-Op With Zalixacraft Pt. 19, Back From the Dead

Playing WoW for the first time with one of my best friends,

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5 Responses to “WoW Co-Op With Zalixacraft Pt. 19, Back From the Dead”

  1. SuperPosidon says:

    Man you guys are the coolest lpers ever cause you like all the sMe stuff I do
    Dr. Pepper
    What other stuff do you like because I would like to know

  2. mapo91 says:

    OMG keybindings! =D

  3. Flakey Hooves says:

    Hey Boo, im sure you’ve been told this already but if not, heres a leveling tip unless you just want to quest till 90. Once you hit level 15 your able to do dungeons which are exceptionally faster then questing :)

  4. SuperPosidon says:



  5. Lewis Cook says:

    OMG he has binding, he is now a pro player.

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