WoW: Competition DpS Challenge (win a mount + FREE game time)

Top 5 will be featured in a video and Top 1 will win a mount from the store this time its the [Winged Guardian] —————————————————————————————————————————— Also the most different video wins a prize!! so just be different and you might win to [if it makes me say wtf or rofl you might win as well] {EVERYONE HAS A CHANCE TO WIN!!!} ——————————————————————————————————————————— Rules: 1: Must solo (no one allowed in your party) [unless filming for you] [No buffs from cameraman] 2: Must not cause any damage during summoning [unless for pulling reasons] 3: All mobs must die at the same time [AoEs only] How to enter: 1: post video response to this video 2: Include your tag (example mine is Kounthackula#1107) 3: have good enough quality to see the DpS meter Winner will be announced December 17th!!

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5 Responses to “WoW: Competition DpS Challenge (win a mount + FREE game time)”

  1. ylitmuz says:

    thank you, i check our your channel to, quite epic lol subbed.
    if you could help me spread the word about my contest id be more than grateful.

  2. Ross Carney says:

    Not filming currently but WW monk in 483 ilvl i hot 134k lol spinning crane kick

  3. JohnnyraggotGAMES says:

    np bro, great editing, great video, nice prizes, you need more subs/views, i will help=)

  4. ylitmuz says:

    nice put my 106k to shame lol

  5. ylitmuz says:

    YaY epic dude, thank you very much

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