WoW: Destro 2v2 – Late Night Madness ft. Savvasp

Savvasp is back with some more 2v2 with Karjuva, a feral druid. It’s 2-3 am and we’re just getting mad at the game, and everything in it. Director’s Personal Channel – Music used : Jedborg – Nightmares Jedborg – Memories AcegamesAcademy – Apply to be a Director for AGTV! – Follow us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

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5 Responses to “WoW: Destro 2v2 – Late Night Madness ft. Savvasp”

  1. savvaspetrou says:

    If you mean the gryphons on the side then it’s a macro : /script MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide() MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()

  2. savvaspetrou says:

    Will do :)

  3. savvaspetrou says:

    Destro has insane mobility/defensive and burst (unless stopped). I’ve been playing this spec since WotLk anw so I’m used to it 😛

  4. alexapdos says:

    How’s destro treating you? The big numbers seem like it’d be fun, but I’m affliction right now mostly for its mobility.

  5. Ledhead4ever31 says:

    Could you tell me what you use to remove the decorative items on the default ui?

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