WoW Exploit – Unmounted Flying

A simple exploit allowing you to fly around unmounted. 1. Mount on a flying mount outside Orgrimmar. 2. Get turned into a turkey. 3. Go into Orgrimmar and flly up until you get dismounted. 4. You can either fly as a turkey, or dispell the buff to fly unmounted. Music: Blackmill – Fortune Soul Thanks for watching, more coming!

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5 Responses to “WoW Exploit – Unmounted Flying”

  1. Haywire5714 says:

    It’s fixed

  2. yuna essploring says:

    Ok in eu server !

  3. Alector987 says:

    didn’t work for me
    may they fixed it

  4. BillyhillDurotan says:

    yes it also works in Stormwind

  5. BillyhillDurotan says:

    good vid :) been looking for this :)

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