Wow {fury warrior} 5.0.4 rotation dps test 38 k

first testings of fury warrior patch 5.0.4 abd unbuffed around 38 k on an dummy dont think thats to bad :) and btw if you have some tips on getting better quality out of mi vids wood help me allot i use sony vegas for rendering and montage and for recording fraps doese it have to something whit my render setings i dunno so if you know more about this stuff do let me know :) update

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12 Responses to “Wow {fury warrior} 5.0.4 rotation dps test 38 k”

  1. jinchurikekyuubi says:

    tnx mate im gonna sub to yur channel aswell 😀

  2. giwrgos mixailidis says:

    nice video man…can i ask why i see many people replace their str gems with crit or str+crit?? crit is more importand for fury now?

  3. SlackyOhr says:

    Just wanna say that u are an awesome warrior i really see up to :)
    Please check my channel, i also doing some pwnage as warrior too :)
    Please like!

  4. matthew northrup says:

    thanks. look forward to more posts and updates. possible in one of you videos you put up some stats of you character for some comparision?

  5. jinchurikekyuubi says:

    for mi portrait its x-perl and for mi bars setup its bartender4 :)

  6. jinchurikekyuubi says:

    to be very honnest im not realy shure im still doing realy good whit just strenght gems did this evening dragon soul and was evry fight ad top of dps im also considering in pandaria to go one handers since its apparently better wheel what it brings right :)

  7. CreeperRage13 says:

    nice video man :)
    (first post yiy)

  8. matthew northrup says:

    I was wondering the addons you used to get thaty portrait setup? And also the addon for the change in button layout. Nice video as well. helped a lot

  9. jinchurikekyuubi says:

    got an update video on now whit evrithing i know so far from fury maibi forgot here and their something but cheers 😀

  10. HDramenftw says:

    crits make you enraged when you use bloodthirst/mortal strike/shield slam(?) i think

  11. jinchurikekyuubi says:

    was planning for today or tommorow a vid whit better vieuw ad stats glyphs talents and rotation but no dps test since thats already in this vid :)

  12. A wow fan says:

    I don’t leave a leave a response, but after reading a few of the comments on Wow fury warrior 5.0.4 rotation dps test 38 k

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