WoW Gold Christmas Give Away Part 1

What do you do with your leftover items when you xfer off a server? I recently transferred and had 3 bank alts with 2 5 tab guild banks full I decided to give it all away between now and Christmas. Happy Holidays

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4 Responses to “WoW Gold Christmas Give Away Part 1”

  1. BladesofTelshira says:

    Awesome! when your mains there add me I’m gonna be doing a giveaway there soon hopefully before xmas

  2. Alphanoon says:

    Holy crap! I made a new character on Bleeding Hollow recently and will be trading my main over soon. Glad to hear you’re over there!

  3. BladesofTelshira says:

    only after you’ve been gm for 7 days or some BS, I wanted to xfer right away and gold is just gold I can always make more lol

  4. ethan1archy says:

    you know you can transfer a full guild bank

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