WoW MoP ☆ Mage Tricks V.1 [HD] Alter Time

Here I show you a number of new mage tricks using Alter time and the engineering gadgets Hang-glider and the famous Speed Belt. Now I have some secrets that I will later reveal later in future videos but for now enjoy and be sure to use these in your next bg! 😀 ☞ Remember to Subscribe for more! Coming soon: ✔Guides ✔Tips & Tricks ✔Mage Spell Combos ✔Trick Macros Song: Blue Stahli – Corner

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3 Responses to “WoW MoP ☆ Mage Tricks V.1 [HD] Alter Time”

  1. Skylar gamesbyskylar says:

    Nice video broskey. im a frost mage and i would love some more videos from you especially a trick guide that looks fun, i get the gist of it but WHERE DO YOU GET THAT GOBLIN FLYER LOL

  2. s0jooman says:

    you get it from being having the profession engineer:D

  3. jamiller83 says:

    OOO you tricky bastard. Those flag grabs were nice. Never thought of that myself. Good shit. Ill subb

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