WoW MOP 2500 Grind on BG9 Vanguards 7

Last game against God Comp that I’ll be showing in this series! Make sure to check out Rameses B pages: Feel free to like the video if you liked it! Please subscribe to WoWSpotlights for more! Check out Vanguards pages at: Facebook: Twitter:

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5 Responses to “WoW MOP 2500 Grind on BG9 Vanguards 7”

  1. IBBBRsDaHunters says:

    bu but vanguars… :( we NEED your tips tricks n ownage 😛

  2. YuFei2009 says:

    why is the feral blinking around?

  3. vXxB2kxXv says:

    I dont know why not many people use fire mages….they have wayyyy better cc…and insane burst. Waste the trink then deepfreeze healer, do the fire mage shatter with combustwith 3 sec stun added and counterspell added if he isnt dead yet.

  4. Twentypastfourr says:

    your stupid, hes rank 1, he obviously knows what hes doing

  5. Fewtears says:

    Ignore the dumbass that said :”He’s rank 1 bla bla….”Yes,he knows what he’s doing,that much is obvious but as to why he isn’t killing the pet,that’s beyond me.Maybe he was too focused on other things or tracking his cooldowns or something.Sadly,only Vanguards himself could reply to your question with a satisfying answer.

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