WoW MoP 5.1 Arcane Mage Guide

In this guide I will cover the Arcane rotation, glyphs, talents, reforging, and addons. It cut me off at the end. Good luck post nerf. My WoW-Heros Theories WoW-Heros LA Guild LA’s WoL Arcane Power Macro Weak Auras Weak Auras Exports Arcanometer Quartz Elkano’s BuffBars music by longzijun

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5 Responses to “WoW MoP 5.1 Arcane Mage Guide”

  1. PyroVK says:

    awesome guide

  2. rhettjay says:

    Thanks for posting that.

  3. dbbit says:

    After hitting alter time and while it is up wouldn’t it be a dps increase to cast 4 ABs vs 2 ABs with 2 AMs weaved in? Once the alter time resets you should be back to your old mana levels and could start your normal rotation.

  4. tomblits says:

    Hold Ctrl and drag it with your mouse. It has a few / commands listed on its web page.

  5. 10zazzy says:

    i downloaded arcanometer, but how do you move its window? i dont see a mini map button or any tabs in my interface –> addons menu. Also, thank you so much for this guide!

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