WoW MOP: Destro Lock | ARENA 2

I’m back in WoW with some old-school Destruction Warlock Frost Mage 2v2 . This is in patch 5.0.4 and both our classes are OP â-¶Personal Channel â-¶Directors Channel â-¶FACEBOOK If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to thumbs it up , put…

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5 Responses to “WoW MOP: Destro Lock | ARENA 2”

  1. Pwnjabful says:

    sweet vid man 😀

  2. Prododuck says:

    “My pet can taunt”? What are you.

  3. TheAdjundantReflex says:

    What about the cast bar addon? Which one is that? TY! like’d/sub’d

  4. 6Fail9 says:

    Can you do some BG’s ? Great video i just think Arena is crazy boring to watch.

  5. kingblacknoob says:

    Rofl void walker does nothing? It has a disarm….

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