WoW MOP: Vol’Jin Scenario = (Major Spoilers)

Vol’jin Scenario — Dagger In The Dark patch 5.1 These are some new sound files found in the 5.1 PTR build 16139. Check out Wowhead News for further updates! WoW Mists of Pandaria MoP Beta — PTR Patch 5.1 â-¶Personal Channel â-¶FACEBOOK

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5 Responses to “WoW MOP: Vol’Jin Scenario = (Major Spoilers)”

  1. Clubpenguin2813 says:


  2. Roguesaxophone57 says:

    and I called it a few videos ago that Rak’gor will poison Vol’jin. Idk about that warlock, dying to easy to see and avoid mechanic especially death nova

  3. FireMageAl says:

    Hopefully you guys enjoy this MOP Video. Make sure you like the video and comment it if you want more MOP Videos! Thank You - Alauran

  4. FireMageAl says:

    Vol’jin for warchief 2013!

  5. Sebastian Dehlsen says:

    nice one :D

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