WoW MoP Warlock pvp montage!

Hey, im sorry for the long times between the vids. More simple vids like BGs, Commentarys, Arenas, tuts, u name it! And just dinged 90 on my warr so exspect more vids from the perspective of a warrior:) Subscribe like and comment if u like my vids! :) And i hope the last long clips fps didnt was too bad. Got some render probs :S Song 1: XKore Ft. Zoe Naomi – Need You (Electro) Song 2: Think Harder – Paper Based Lies Tunez

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5 Responses to “WoW MoP Warlock pvp montage!”

  1. L33TScizor says:

    nice shit u got here bro ******

  2. bjbnjhjk says:

    whats the addon where you see who is the healer? (the red cross above tidy plates)

  3. Tuskarrnoob says:

    haha no he din’t the highest crit he had was 1.8m (i think it was 1.8m)

  4. Prododuck says:

    Maaaaaaaaaan you’re going to get big. Just like me penis did when I finished the video.

  5. Prododuck says:

    So glad I subbed! I love your stuff!

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