[WoW Music Video] – Why Can’t I

( 80th Vid )) Hello! I am still alive people! Yes, I know its been a month, I’m sorry school kind of got the best of me and so have other things and I’ve been way busy. But I am back and plan to actually get videos out. So anyways I have been meaning to do a video to this song for a long time! I love this song and I have since I was a little girl, of course now that I listen to it again it is kind of dirty. 😉 So I hope you guys enjoy the video, it kinda has three stories between three of my characters. (( I did have to cut some video out though because it was too long O_O That is the first time I have ever had to do that. )) Anyways, so yeah couples. Rejections, all that jazz. Lemme know what you guys think I love reading your comments ^^ Copyright not intended

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5 Responses to “[WoW Music Video] – Why Can’t I”

  1. Kagomi101 says:

    Stupid human males *stab*
    …Ahem, :3, Beautiful Video, is alright with the whole time thing, since you’re still making the videos. ^.^

  2. Kaitlin Clair says:

    Hi i love your videos they are so awsome! I am a gurl and i play wow to i was hopeing i could get a chance to play with u and meet u in game i play on the server rexxar and a lil on sisters of elune

  3. Toonheads5000 says:

    ^_^ Thanks :3 Lets stab more people! :D

  4. Girlswillpwn says:

    welcome back c: so much better at my videos *derpface*

  5. Toonheads5000 says:

    Thanks ^^ and yeah I know…-mental derp hugs!- :3

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