WoW Patch 5.1 Achievement Bug – Potential Vicious War Wolf Exploit

The day after patch 5.1 I decided to start leveling my lvl 85 Hunter to lvl 90. So I did some quests and decided to do a quick dungeon. I queued up and when I entered I found myself earning alot of achievements, which I had already earned on my main. I didnt think much about it until I saw that I had new mail. I got 2 new mails, one with the Black War Bear which I couldnt learn because I already had it, and another with the Vicious War Wolf from the “Veteran of the Horde” achievement. Now that is where it becomes a problem, it just went from a random bug to a potentially exploitative bug. As you might know you get only one Vicious War Wolf for just one character per one of the 3 “Veteran of the Horde” achievements (75-, 150-, and 300 RBG wins). But because of this bug, if you have already earned Veteran of the Horde achievement you can potentially get the Vicious War Wolf on all your characters which is an exploit. So if you can, report this bug to Blizzard so that they can fix it because it can or most likely will be exploited to get free mounts for all your alts! The mount is not meant to be account wide. If Blizz wanted it to be account wide they would have made it account wide to begin with. It’s meant to be something special not all your alts can have.

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  1. illtakethebox says:

    Explain how to get wolf please

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