WoW Patch 5.1 LIVE: 150 Mount Reward – Jade Pandaren Kite !!

At last a reward has been added in game for mount collectors that reach 150. Let me know what you think. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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5 Responses to “WoW Patch 5.1 LIVE: 150 Mount Reward – Jade Pandaren Kite !!”

  1. Lilyofthemyst says:

    I got the mount first day of the patch – us server here though. I love it.

  2. CookieSplit says:

    omg. i.. want….

  3. delirious152000 says:

    20 more mounts to go >.>

  4. Lilyofthemyst says:

    Did you do the argent tournament dailys in Wrath? They have a ton of mounts available there. Also the pvp vendor mounts, mounts for purchase in Dalaran, Nagrand talbuk mounts, mounts that drop from dungeons and raids, profession mounts. There are a ton out there!

  5. Laachon says:

    I’ve got it! But spectral tiger ftw

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