WoW Patch 5.1 Notes

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20 Responses to “WoW Patch 5.1 Notes”

  1. moiraele says:

    It’s in the works most likely. They’re already updating Vol’jin’s model so it’s definitely on the way.

  2. WRSchro says:

    I’m looking forward to the addition of the strip club they’re putting in Booty Bay.

  3. xXAlphaXx says:


    Fuckin’ shit.

  4. hitmewithallyouhave says:

    BOOBS !!!

  5. TheAnarchronia says:

    yeah now if only they would expand hunter stables so we can get these pets without getting rid of all the spirit beast and molten spiders plus other rares i have no stable room :(

  6. Nicolas Tibbert says:

    Great job. Thanks : )

  7. AngelsInjection says:

    i can’t wait for a cooking profession bag (lol), Brawler’s guild, & the new hunter pets. All 3 of those are right up my alley!

  8. SeeCrest678 says:

    The gryphons are getting an upgrade? What about player models!

  9. TheAnarchronia says:

    wow can have fight club we’ve upgraded to project mayhem

  10. Novasiri Flamedancer says:

    Finally! No more groups to enter the raids pre-MoP! Now I can farm transmog gear without having to beg a guildie to stay in a group with me. ;u; And PEEETTSSS!!!

  11. LeonusStawalker says:

    Sub ran out today and I have no money to resub =(

  12. trashcan619 says:

    Finally, A day has come when I do not need to irritate my guild so they can join my raid group!

  13. Fernando Alvarez says:


  14. SOLJIFIRE says:

    Omfg i hope they don’t suck fire mage

  15. SpikeTiger0 says:

    i could watch panzer for 2 hours :p 😉

  16. TheDodger56 says:

    I prefer the Gryphon models as they are now :(

  17. Robert baker says:

    hooray, more dailies…..

  18. Mario Garbonzo says:

    nice tits

  19. MUGENGaming says:

    i just want to lick those tits until they’re raw!!!!!

  20. DaEmonX555 says:

    @TheAnarchronia don’t talk about fight club!!!

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