WoW Patch 5.1 PTR: Lion’s Landing Part 3 – Is the Truth Out There ?

More dailies and with the nerfing of the rep sadly no progression quests as yet. Which led me to test something out over the weekend. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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5 Responses to “WoW Patch 5.1 PTR: Lion’s Landing Part 3 – Is the Truth Out There ?”

  1. HeelvsBabyface says:

    I will answer this is full in an up coming video. But I have to disagree (even if I take your love and pop in my pocket). Profs and AH don’t make for sustained end game content (profs are maxed and I’ve made about 80k on the AH since MoP launch). I will get back to you on the Role Play aspect when I do my SWTOR video. But in short grinding rep/valor go hand in hand because you can’t spend your valor unless you have X rep with a faction (yes in 5.1 you can use it to upgrade.. er.. valor gear =P)

  2. QuestText says:

    I believe the reason behind the lvl cap increases every expansion is purely to cause a ‘soft reset’ on players, to remove the previous expansion gear and add the extra spells / abilities to the classes, besides it gives us more of a reason to go and experience the new zones and quest lines. if we stayed the same level cap every new expansion we would hardly or probably never get new zones or extended quest lines to play.

  3. HogwartsRPGWiki says:

    I’m sorry but you don’t HAVE TO GRIND REPUTATION. THERE ARE OTHER PARTS OF THE GAME TO PLAY! I love you and your videos, but seriously… there are many other things to do in WoW then grind rep. Go to a roleplay server, go work professions, go work on the AH, go raid, just simply quest and enjoy the experience. Please though. I know it’s not great. I know it’s not perfect. But please don’t just come out and say “Because this little thing is wrong” then you dispose of the game. Love yah!

  4. Jared Weeden says:

    i agree with cookie Az ur amazing an dur videos r amazing the amount of energy put into making them is just stunning love u Az keep going

  5. Jared Weeden says:


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