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5 Responses to “WoW PvP – THE OBJECTIVE!!!!!”

  1. BrianStufufu says:

    @erlantzino It’s a level 90 talent that lets you walk and cast.

  2. ToloDK says:

    Please tell me, exactly where do I call myself a pro guy in this video, or in any of my videos for that matter? I’m a casual player, I don’t have any arena rating, I don’t play rated BGs either, and I’m not even asking the healers to be my personal healers, they just happen to be close to me and doing their job by healing everybody in the battleground. I think your making things up, to make a troll comment and make yourself feel better on the internet, so by all means please continue.

  3. 7711579276 says:

    classic guy pvping whit a healer on him and he tings he is “Pro” lol

  4. erlantzino says:

    Can the warlock cast while moving? First time i see this, now i wanna be a warlock :(

  5. lolszize says:

    So, you just got trolled by ToloDK. xD

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