WoW PvP – Warlock PvP, Now with Tactical Fallback!

I am still working on gathering the honor points for my warlock, so he can get his transmog gear, and get the rest of the PvP gear upgraded. ~ FOLLOW ME & SUBSCRIBE: ▏ Facebook: ▏ Twitter: ▏ YouTube: ▏ Livestream:

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5 Responses to “WoW PvP – Warlock PvP, Now with Tactical Fallback!”

  1. Reapezy says:


  2. War Lock says:

    Tolo you should use shivarra ore succcubus in eye of the storm u will have allot of fun knocking people of the cliff middle :)

  3. MrVirtualCoder says:

    We’re all from Denmark.

  4. NubieGTAS says:

    i love that set, i even have the lookalike of corruption on my mage haha

  5. xXImbaFuryXx says:

    greetings from germany :)

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