WoW PvP – Warlock PvP – Still Gearing up! #2

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5 Responses to “WoW PvP – Warlock PvP – Still Gearing up! #2”

  1. picks671 says:

    Wen I play on,American servers could I actually be playing with ppl on Euro servers and do ppl ever yell at u in bgs like HEY TOLO!!!!

  2. ToloDK says:

    No, European and Americans can’t play together, not even in battlegrounds, and yes it have happened a few times that people have recognized me, it even happened in BO2 the other day lol :)

  3. MrVirtualCoder says:

    At some points, your damage seems a bit low, even as low as to your Prot Warrior doing more damage per hit.

  4. Martin Sørensen says:

    Hey Tolo, how do you constantly run while casting?

  5. timeFrozenPlayer says:

    this is a awsome video tolo

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