WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo C’thun !!

Ask and ye shall receive. One of my subs wanted to see me kill C’thun solo and here it is as a “101” video. It has however seen some substantial changes since the implementation of patch 5.1. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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5 Responses to “WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo C’thun !!”

  1. skiffx85 says:

    great series. got me wondering but if with 5.1 is BT soloable now

  2. HeelvsBabyface says:

    Cheers ears =]

  3. Lukas Frank says:

    yeah you did it! sadly i hoped that it still was bugged and you did that kite boss thingy but still nice vid 😛

  4. Lukas Frank says:

    i wonter what raid that is hardest to solo… maybe ulduar or icc in warth. expet cata and mop ofc.

  5. HeelvsBabyface says:

    Yeah I did it all last week solo with little trouble.

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