WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo Reliquary of Souls !!

After A LOT of requests here it is RoS. It has been significantly nerfed post 5.1 which now allows all class to be able to solo it. More reasons to get in BT. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my Channel and follow me on Twitter (@heelvsbabyface) and “Like” my Facebook page too !!

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5 Responses to “WoW Raid Boss 101 – Solo Reliquary of Souls !!”

  1. HeelvsBabyface says:

    By running around him lol.

  2. TheraynDK says:

    This fight is still Hell for fury warriors

  3. the7acesofspades says:

    Hi AZ, u have any tips to solo BT (skippable bosses etc) for a rogue 😀 lvl 90

  4. TheraynDK says:

    Even tho he’s easy
    Like vanillas illidan

  5. the7acesofspades says:

    ty for this one

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