WoW – Reqy – Monk Mage Priest Vs. Casters (And a rogue team?)

Last night? 2 nights ago, not sure when I’m going to upload this… was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while, qued into nothing but bg9 real teams (not the annoying kitty cleave bullshit) So heres some of the matches vs. Wizards that we faced, and a not spellcleave team, but likely the most equal match we’ve had in terms of awful classes :) Also, Holyshit weird youtube

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5 Responses to “WoW – Reqy – Monk Mage Priest Vs. Casters (And a rogue team?)”

  1. killer51607 says:

    ” the biggest damage the world”;)

  2. h4mmers3x says:

    Quality could be better but still nice video!

  3. Ikkiau says:


  4. Ikkiau says:

    I have absoutly no idea what I did, but ok, bye :)

  5. GamingWithIndy says:

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