WOWHOBBS Raid Progress – WoW MoP World of Warcraft Mists of Panderia Gameplay/Commentary

Hey guys, it’s been 10 days since my last wow vid, but I will catch up quick with the videos. I hope you have had a great few days and are enjoying patch 5.1! Thank you for watching Facebook! Keep up to date with Twitter

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5 Responses to “WOWHOBBS Raid Progress – WoW MoP World of Warcraft Mists of Panderia Gameplay/Commentary”

  1. Davydude7 says:

    Hey hobbs. Glad to see a video from you! I was wondering where you were.

  2. Commando126 says:

    Holy cow, I cant believe youve been doing this for 5 years! I can still remember stumbling upon your videos years ago. I even remember the first vid of your’s I watched; It was the one where you were aoe’ing down some birds in BC, then a druid came along, tossed you a few heals, and said he “saved you”. Thank you for the years of content, I hope you continue to produce more.

  3. DeathsRitual says:

    He puts a lot more effort into these shorter videos rather than his longer, older ones, if you can’t tell.

  4. Gamemasters2012 says:

    I wish I was on US 😀

  5. MrRandomAwsomeGuy says:

    Good luck in the raiding m8

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