Zumio – Christmas event: 300k worth of mounts, pets and more giveaway!

So it’s that time of year again when we all eat too much, get drunk and receive gifts from family members we didn’t even know existed. BUT WAIT! What about Christmas in WoW? I’ve purchased upwards of 300k gold worth of stuff which I have wrapped up ingame and will be giving away on the Sunday 23rd December at 1PM (1300) server time, in orgrimmar, under the Christmas tree. Up for grabs are: 1x Jeweled Onyx Panther (GRAND PRIZE worth over 100k) 1x Each colour of Panther mount (so 4 in total) 8x Crimson Deathcharger (worth ~23k) 30x random rare pets Several rare vanity items And a lot of cheaper yet still somewhat cool presents. I have wrapped roughly 200 presents in total, may do more before the time comes. All you have to do is trade me ingame (as I said before I’ll be under the Orgrimmar Christmas tree wearing a christmas suit). Going to be posting an informational video about it on my youtube channel shortly ( and I will be recording the event so you might make it into the final video released after Christmas. Please spread the word so that I’m not sitting there with 300k worth of wrapped presents in my bags with noone to give them to! i.imgur.com REMINDER: Mounts are now cross character, meaning that if you learn one of the mounts on an alt, you will have it on your main. However, some of the mounts require level 20 to learn so best to make a deathknight at level 55 and get it to orgrimmar. See you there! Forum post: eu.battle.net

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5 Responses to “Zumio – Christmas event: 300k worth of mounts, pets and more giveaway!”

  1. karl johannes Tsarjov says:

    Zumio, The Santa Claus

  2. AzvieroEU says:

    When is this gonna take place ?

  3. getsomegloves95 says:

    So outland EU, What time on sunday?

  4. MrBrotoriousBIG says:

    I love you zumio and i always will 😀

  5. bySunng says:

    ZUMIO first of all MERY CHRISTMAS! and second man i think that you are oone of the best hunters of World of Warcraft, because when i see your vids you kll people so easily. Keep going like that. And do more DRUKN SERBIAN videos because i fell of the chair laughing 😀

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