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worldofwarcraft.tgn.tv — Fire Mage DPS rundown (episode 18 of 22) in World of Warcraft Cataclysm! We look at the spec and rotation for a Fire Mage, and analyze the testing results via Recount. All testing is done against a raid boss dummy with no buffs besides basic class abilities. Gear is level 333 premade junk. Fire is a very, very simple rotation. Spam your primary nuke while reacting to the rare Hot Streak proc and manage about three cooldowns. I’ve tested both Frostfire Bolt and Fireball, each with their respective glyph, and found that Frostfire Bolt currently does more DPS. There is also an RNG factor to consider, so the gulf may not be as large as the data shows (due to mana pool problems with Fire, the sample size is only a bit over 1M damage, instead of 2-3M as I prefer to do). The addon used to track cooldowns and debuffs is DoTimer. Setup tutorial here: www.youtube.com

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  1. Humphnazak says:


  2. Humphnazak says:

    dotimer, he made a vid about how to set it up too, youtube-search for dotimer

  3. kiraush says:

    Anyone else think he sounds like Owen Wilson?

    Link -> imdb.com/name/nm0005562/

  4. salamoo42 says:

    Hey guys come check out my channel! I just started and have a couple wow videos out. they are low quality but entertaining! :O please come check it out if you have the time.

  5. malmieida says:

    He makes less damage than my level 82 mage HAHA she makes 10.5k DPS as fire.

  6. super4107 says:

    look at the date of this video idiot!

  7. KomeOnIWannaLayYa69 says:

    im just wondering if u could help me fix my lag on my video. its icyfreeze-lvl 85 frost mage. if anyone could help that would be great. and nice video

  8. MrTacticalRetreat says:

    holy shit owen wilson plays wow

  9. Ludborr says:

    Well that “rotation” sucks!

  10. Mineydfuhfd says:

    what is the guide u have?
    because i would love to have that for my mage

  11. Guitarguy234 says:

    u did combustion wrong.  HAHAHA TROLOLOLOL

  12. CodeTheName says:

    who is this?

  13. Subduyu77 says:

    i dont mean to respond to a really old video…but…even at this time he is specced wrong…who would not take impact and improved fire blast…ve or pvp…its a stun plus spreading fire dmg…seriously dude…

  14. bamazudi says:

    2 things.
    1. 10.5k dps at 82 for fire mage is nothing to brag about.
    2. This video is old as hell.

  15. ImMyOwnHobby says:

    Frostfire bolt looks cooler 😛

  16. OMFGcataFAN1 says:

    well the spells worked differently in the old days, do u remember exactly how the spells worked back in 2010

  17. wallantia says:

    You really wanna use combustion when you got a good ignite, pb and lb up

  18. DecileNeil says:

    Impact.. is WAY more powerfull in AOE situations than FlameStrike. For example Halfus HC, with impact you can go up to 160 k dps when combustion is spreaded.

  19. Fox Bone says:

    Its a game -__- who gives a shit.

  20. Fox Bone says:

    Its a game -__- who gives a shit

  21. david55509 says:

    Can you do star wars the old republic DPS videos? 😀

  22. carnagearena says:

    Very bad talents…..

  23. victorio1905 says:

    on ds, on jorshi or wth his name is i spreaded combustion on all adds and my total combustion was around 600k

  24. xinnhee89 says:

    Dis vid is stupid. Cant wait to own u wit fmage in arenA

  25. linkinpark768 says:

    Your grammar is stupid, it’s for pve not pvp idiot.

  26. marijuna says:

    Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the
    amazing work.

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