♣ Sensus – WoW MoP Patch 5.0.4 Rogue Guide/Sub Build + Thanks for 16k Subscribers! :D

â-ºâ™£ Sensus – World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 Rogue Guide/Nerfs/Subtlety Build (WoW MoP Rogue Sub PvP Spec) + Thanks for 16k Subscribers! 😀 â-ºHey guys, this is a quick video on my current sub spec on world of warcraft in patch 5.0.4. If you have any questions feel free…

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20 Responses to “♣ Sensus – WoW MoP Patch 5.0.4 Rogue Guide/Sub Build + Thanks for 16k Subscribers! :D”

  1. LoLMalopheousLoL says:

    That’s bad? I feel shadow step/prep choice makes rouges more difficult and it makes them more balanced IMO.

  2. XmjfanforeverX says:

    Quit whining even original said rogs need nerfs badly yes worlds rank1 rogue said rogs needs nerfs now that they are brought down from their pedistal you guys cry like theres no tomorrow.. just relearn a rogue back in cata sp had no chance to beat a rog it was impossible now it is. Thus balance came … cirst I love when stupid kids like you cry over a nerf .. learn to play the class again simple as that

  3. Jay Robets says:

    You own m8! tysm for this! :D!!!!

  4. Eatmishorts1 says:


  5. dasomannen says:

    Hey guys! Could someone be so kind to throw a Scroll of Ressurrection to this battle-net acc:

    touchyglove@gmail.com  Would be VERY kind and ill thumbs up all your comments! :) <3 peace!

  6. XxTheNegotionxX says:

    Duel Mercader!

  7. VertsMedia says:

    It was kinda bs what rouges could do. If you don’t admit that you’re a fuckwit.

  8. Etzlo1 says:

    so you claim yourself as an idiot? well that is good at least you understand it :)

  9. Snipedyou2 says:

    You sir are a complete idiot….

  10. Etzlo1 says:

    so you are happy a whole class is destroyed so a noob like you got more chances?

  11. Jay Robets says:

    I would love to see that. =)

  12. Etzlo1 says:

    ok so you want to tell me i shall learn the class? then please first start to write with the correct letters and not shit like thus or rog ok? and now good yeah rogues needed a nerf i know but not that hard that i all i wanted to say, and a sp had a chance against a rogue just watch a frost mage… you can´t tell me rogues where killing anything in 2 shot that was only because of legs…

  13. VertsMedia says:

    Because we were fucking OP as fuck.

  14. XmjfanforeverX says:

    As if I care how I write on youtube and since you reply means you understood what I wrote.. when one starts to bitch abaut grammar thats usually the breaking point of being an idiot so yea have great rest of your life and Im done with you.
    Good bye.

  15. Jay Robets says:

    Grats dude!

  16. badspazz007 says:

    How about you 2 get a motel room and get the sexual tention out of your systems

  17. wickedgameplaytv says:

    Buff rogues ;p

  18. badspazz007 says:

    Ooh noes you hurt my feelings. lol troll on bro!!

  19. badspazz007 says:

    Gonna have to learn to play now zomg

  20. badspazz007 says:

    Sorry but they needed a nerf in sub. Sucks to actually be balanced now and not be able to just re-vanish. lol it’s your turn, we all had our turn.

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