A Guide to Heroic Elegon [VOX] (MSV)

A Vox Immortalis Commentary Guide to the Heroic Elegon encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults. Introduction: 00:12 Heroic vs. Normal: 00:19 Obscuration Impact: 1:38 Total Annihilation: 3:15 Total Annihilation Rotation: 7:50 Draw Power Phase: 11:50 Pillar Phase: 16:51 Final/Burn Phase: 20:36 Please subscribe: bit.ly World of Logs: For more Guides and Guild Info, check us out at: Search tags below, please ignore. wow mmo “world of warcraft” mop “mists of pandaria” raid strategy guide “how to” how-to help commentary “voice over” 10-man “10 man” 10m vox “vox immortalis” 5.0 “Heroic” “Elegon” “Mogu’shan Vaults”

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  1. Koroar says:

    Great video man, I really love your guides, how in depth they are, please keep up the good work =]

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