Arena 2v2 – Slezas Ft Warrior, Going Feral, No Gear – Pro Skills – WoW MoP

Hey guys and welcome back, today i actually testing Ferals out I played Feral for 2 season ago. But now i’m gonna try it again. It should be pretty good! So lets see… – My gear suck. â-¶Join The Crib/Subscribe: â-¶Livestream: â-¶Facebook: Armory – Monk: Armory – Druid: Char Name: Slezas Stormscale Eu Horde.

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5 Responses to “Arena 2v2 – Slezas Ft Warrior, Going Feral, No Gear – Pro Skills – WoW MoP”

  1. XpertAssassin13 says:

    Nice! Feral is really good atm apparently so even without gear haha. Might go back to feral on my resto too 😛

  2. Marco Trolo says:

    Whats the name of the song?

  3. Marco Trolo says:

    Thanks :D

  4. NicklasPetersenn says:

    Hey, the name shuld be: Marcie Never_enough And you can find it and download it for free on: Newgrounds

  5. Bjorn M says:

    In the first part you get those annoying addon messages … i get these aswell. Do you know how to put it off ?

    Very nice clip :) I Like 😉

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