Arena 3v3 – Slezas Ft. Mage & Spriest. Da God Comp – WoW MoP

Hey guys, i’m playing some 3s today again. I will go create some new guides soon i guess. And other cool stuff. I hope you enjoy my videos. Thanks for watching guys! Join The Crib/Subscribe: Armory – Monk: Armory – Druid: Facebook: Livestream: Char Name: Slezas Stormscale Eu Horde.

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5 Responses to “Arena 3v3 – Slezas Ft. Mage & Spriest. Da God Comp – WoW MoP”

  1. Bjorn M says:

    Thx :)

  2. NicklasPetersenn says:

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  3. NicklasPetersenn says:

    Hey mate. When you are against Feral/Warrior/Healer. The importent part is to keep you alive when they are bursting. Because they have a really high burst. So if you can Clone Druid and maybe your team can fear/freeze the war and you can also try get a Hibernate on the Druid if you are lucky. After you survive the burst you need to keep up the cc. Remember to switch alot on the targets so you keep the pressure up on the other team. And try kill war/Druid in the end.

  4. Bjorn M says:

    Hey, i play a resto druid like you and my setup is also with a shadow priest and mage (low rated). We have problems atm with feral/warrior/healer, the burst is just to high for me to heal and i have no time to CC becaus of the spamhealing that is needed and also trouble with Lock/mage/ resto shaman, these just dispell or spellsteal all my HoT’s. Any chance you could give some tips for this comp? Thx

  5. NicklasPetersenn says:

    Against Lock/Mage/Resto Shaman. You must keep up the pressure all the time. Remember to innervate almost in the start so it will be ready faster. Don’t use it when you get oom. The things you can do is just try keep pressure up/cc shammy alot. So he don’t have time to purge your hots. It can be pretty annoying the purge. But goodluck with your team.

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