Arena 3v3 – Slezas Ft. Warlock & Frost Mage. Owning Dat – WoW MoP

Hey guys, today i’m just playing some 3v3 for fun. I wanna show you these daily clips. We’re playing this pretty good setup. Lock/Mage/RDruid. In 3v3. I hope you enjoy these clips & Thanks for watching! â-¶Join The Crib/Subscribe: â-¶Livestream: â-¶Facebook: Armory – Monk: Armory – Druid: Char Name: Slezas Stormscale Eu Horde.

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5 Responses to “Arena 3v3 – Slezas Ft. Warlock & Frost Mage. Owning Dat – WoW MoP”

  1. NicklasPetersenn says:

    Click “Like” if you like this! Help us make more videos.
    Thumbs up if you did!

  2. IsYourSystemSlipknot says:

    you play good but your voice is so weird

  3. RozitGaming says:

    Oh and good video btw :)

  4. NicklasPetersenn says:

    Hehe. I will buy a new microphone. My voice is really bad at this one too in Fraps. Hope you like anyway.

  5. Bjorn M says:

    nice play :) very nice on the shaman root :p i wouldn’t have done that probably

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