Blade Lord Ta’yak 10 man normal guide tips and tricks Paladin Tank PoV w/ Narration

Blade Lord Tayak10m normal – guide – tips and tricks for the rest of us by a regularly geared team – This video goes over the tips a non world first / regular raiding guild used to down this boss. I hope you find it useful. If you have tips/tricks to add, please add them to the comments. Lets help each other out. Watch the stream Tue/Thur/Sun @ 7 server here –

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8 Responses to “Blade Lord Ta’yak 10 man normal guide tips and tricks Paladin Tank PoV w/ Narration”

  1. Matthew Page says:

    Hey guys, I’m Suganem, co-leader of our team! I’m generally in charge of the dps and the healers (Positioning, strats, etc) so let me know if you want any information, thanks!

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    I needed all of these tips in order to survive. Our guild thanks you!

  3. BeftGoesLeft33 says:


  4. Adam Hilliker says:

    Love it. This one was giving me trouble for ages.

  5. KungFuHabits says:


  6. stellar845 says:


  7. John Cuevas says:

    Another well put together video, thanks for sharing!

  8. lyken2009 says:

    Nice! – Nhyo

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