Blizzard News #4! (SC2 Release Date, WoW Patch 5.1 Release, MoP 50% off, 8 Years of WoW)

Thumbs up if you enjoyed the Blizzard News! Quick Clicks: SC2 Release Date & Price: 0:10 Diablo 3 nothingness: 0:25 WoW’s 8 Year Anniversary 0:43 In-Game Mail mess-up: 1:18 50% off MoP! 1:50 Arena Exploitation Issue 2:10 Patch 5.1 release on the 27th! 2:56 Item Upgrades 3:18 New UI for CC 4:01 More Dailies and rep’s 4:23 Brawler’s Guild 4:55 Class changes in 5.1 5:45 Wintergrasp and TB! 7:15 RBG and Arena Changes 7:34 Interesting Twitter and forum posts starting at 8:10 Here are some links to some of the most important official information. Other smaller details and posts were found from Ghostcrawler’s twitter or the official WoW forums. SC2 Release Date WoW’s 8th year anniverary MoP 50% Sale Arena Exploitation Patch 5.1 Release Moleman – Unconditional and Escalate found at: Feint – From Butterflies To Hurricanes found at: Permission to use (for all) was given. For more World of Warcraft videos, and Blizzard news, please visit my channel!

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5 Responses to “Blizzard News #4! (SC2 Release Date, WoW Patch 5.1 Release, MoP 50% off, 8 Years of WoW)”

  1. TrollNO21 says:

    cool story brah BUT what abaut BOTS ..nice vid

  2. Jesper Hansen says:

    Sacred for prez!

  3. ArmsShaman says:

    a thing that appears on your screen and lets u know what cc/stun u are in? could they make the game more easy?

  4. McDougEu says:

    Nice Sacred!

  5. deathdrippers224 says:

    i hope wintergrasp is gonna be popular again i really good miss that :(

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