EVGN Guides – World of Warcraft 5.1: Beast Master Hunter DPS Rotation Guide! Ft. BAnsMax!

Become A EVGN Fan On Facebook: Follow EVGN On Twitter: Subscribe to BAnsMax: Follow BAnsMax on Twitter: Description: Hey guys, first video! This is just a little tutorial on how to top the DPS charts as a beast master hunter in Mists of Pandaria – Patch 5.1. Hope you enjoyed the video! Please comment, like and subscribe BAnsMax

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5 Responses to “EVGN Guides – World of Warcraft 5.1: Beast Master Hunter DPS Rotation Guide! Ft. BAnsMax!”

  1. EVGNentertainment says:

    If you are a standard Youtube Partner through their monetization system you will have a hard time monetizing content unless you know how to properly word the claims. If you are partnered under a network, its as simple as claiming the video as yours. All video game content can be monetized under the Fair Use law in the United States which basically states if you commentate over the footage, then you are good to go.

    Hope this helps!
    Zach Sharpes

  2. PdizzleGaming says:

    but the music you used in the 5 second intro at the beginning of this video was copyrighted yes?

  3. texgaming57 says:

    nice and easy to follow guide

  4. linado07 says:

    Thanks! I’m in Canada though! I’ll search it up.

  5. AddictedSquirrel says:

    Really cool bro Keep it up

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